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Design is important. It surrounds us. It is everywhere. We live in a world of images. Too often, the design we rub shoulders with every day, is based on an inappropriate concept, resting – at best – on æsthetic.

At Pinxipictus, our first and foremost quality is not to be content with being æsthetical, to attract attention, or even to be original… it is to make sure that information is transmitted indeed, from sender to receiver. We practice a form of visual art fit for communication but, above all, we work on a scope of design where function takes priority over form.

There is an elaborate jargon on graphic communication: logotype, branding, marketing, corporate identity, web design, digital publishing, packaging… but most of it is just an elegant way of saying the same thing: make sure your clients feel they can trust your company and will enjoy working with you.

It is with a mastered assurance in all the above that Pinxipictus has evolved more than 30 years. In this connection, above everything else, we have always focused on trust, the bedrock of relationships with our clients, as it is the core fuel to any conception process, and hence set together shrewd and suitable substrates.

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